Thinking of bringing a new furry family member into your home? Puppies and kittens aren’t your only option. Consider adopting an older pet; here, your San Jose, CA vet tells you about their benefits.

Lower Energy

Not looking forward to the rambunctious nature and 24/7 supervision requirements of a young pet? An older animal is the just the solution. Middle-aged or elderly pets simply don’t have the energy that young pets do, and they’re much easier to keep track of as a result.

Better Behavior

Older pets have already worked through the chew-everything, scratch-everything stages of life, and are likely better behaved. They may have already lived with families and know how to interact properly. This way, you save a lot of time, energy, and money by avoiding the training phase of your pet’s life.

Save a Life

Of course, adopting any animal is contributing to the greater good by cutting down on the homeless pet population. Older pets need loving homes, too! Ask your veterinarian about local shelters in your area.

Does your new pet need an initial check-up or vaccinations? Set up an appointment at your veterinarians San Jose, CA to get your pet everything they need.

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