It’s not uncommon for cats to develop an aversion to their litter box at least one time in their lives. One of the reasons this may happen is because of the box’s placement. Learn more from a Gresham, OR veterinarian.

Low-Traffic Area

No one wants to use the bathroom with a bunch of people nearby, and your cat is no exception. Place her box in a quiet basement room or back bedroom where there won’t be a lot of family members or other pets around.

Far From Food

Would you like your dining room and bathroom to be right next to each other? Of course not! The same goes for your cat. Make sure her litter box is far away from where she eats; cats have been known to avoid their box or stop eating their food if the two are placed near each other.

Make It Accessible

Don’t make the mistake of putting your cat’s box in an area that may accidentally become blocked off by a closed screen door or another physical obstacle. Your cat will be forced to use the bathroom elsewhere!

Contact your veterinarian Gresham, OR office for more information on your cat’s litter box placement.

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