If you own a cat, you’ve probably seen a hairball or two in your time. It’s one of the less appealing parts of our feline friends, but it’s actually quite normal. Learn more about hairballs in this article from a vet Gresham, OR.

Hairballs are natural.

Your cat swallows a lot of loose fur from her coat while she’s grooming herself. Most of it gets expelled in the feces, but some clumps together in the gut and gets expelled in the form of a hairball. Gross as it may be, it’s completely natural! 

Frequent hairballs could be a cause for concern.

It’s when hairballs become frequent that something might be amiss. Something could be causing your cat to shed more than normal, thereby swallowing more hair. And take note that vomiting is an entirely different thing than coughing up a hairball—any cat who is vomiting frequently should be seen by their veterinarian. 

You can help Fluffy have fewer hairballs. 

Feeding your cat a great diet and brushing her regularly are two great ways to minimize the amount of hair Fluffy swallows. That makes for less hairballs!

Does your cat need a veterinary checkup? Contact your veterinarian Gresham, OR today.

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