Antibiotics are quite common in human medicine, and you’ve probably taken them yourself. They’re also very useful for our pets! Learn more below as your veterinarian Marietta, GA tells you about veterinary antibiotics. 

What Antibiotics Do

Antibiotics kill bacteria on or in your pet’s body. They work by preventing bacteria from multiplying, weakening bacteria cells, or interfering with cells’ ability to repair themselves. Note that antibiotics only treat bacterial infections, not viral ones. 

How Antibiotics Are Administered

Antibiotics that treat internal infections will typically be pills or tablets. Sometimes, they must be taken with food to improve absorption, while others must be taken on an empty stomach. Antibiotics that treat external infections on the body will usually be a cream or ointment product. 

Potential Side Effects of Antibiotics

Certain side effects like vomiting and diarrhea are possible when your pet takes an antibiotic, but they aren’t common. On the whole, antibiotics are very safe and effective for animals! Let your vet know right away if you think your pet is responding adversely to their medication. 

Want to learn even more about pet medications? Need help administering your pet’s pills? Call your animal hospital Marietta, GA for help from the professionals.

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