Everyone hates it when they encounter a feral cat who has been abandoned. Such adorable and loyal friends should never be in a position such as that. But it is an unfortunate reality. If you have any questions, make sure and ask your Colorado Springs vet clinic.

Be Careful

It’s important to remember first and foremost that you don’t want to simply walk up to a feral animal. It could carry diseases or even a poor disposition. Sometimes they can be hostile. Your Colorado Springs vet would remind you to approach with caution and call animal control if at all possible.

Remember Safety

If animal control is unavailable and you feel inclined to rescue the feral cat yourself, first assess the area and the animal’s behavior. It will likely be scared, so approach it with a friendly voice. Ask your Colorado Springs vet for assistance if needed.

Often times, these animals need a bath or even some deep grooming. They are often malnourished – but don’t simply let them eat at will, this can be harmful. It’s best to consult your Colorado Springs vet if you run into any complications.


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