Many of our canine friends aren’t fond of thunder and lightning. And who can blame them? In addition to the loud noise, dogs may be able to sense changes in air pressure and static electricity. So what can you do? Here, your vet London, ON offers a few tips. 


Is your dog a puppy? There’s a good chance you’ll be able to distract your dog from a thunderstorm, especially if he or she is young. When you first notice a storm rolling in, get your pup’s attention with a toy or a few treats. There’s a good bet they’ll be so distracted they won’t even notice what’s going on outside. 

Safe Zone

If you can’t distract your pet, you’ll just have to comfort them and wait out the storm. Set up a “safe zone” in a quiet area of the house away from windows. Include a pet bed, a soft blanket, and a comforting toy or two. Sit with your dog until the bad weather is over. 

See the Vet

If your dog’s thunderstorm anxiety is severe, contact your vet clinic London, ON for further advice. Anxiety medication or professional training might be necessary, and we’re here to help.

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