We all know that good nutrition is important, both for humans and for animals. But what exactly does good nutrition result in for your animal friend? Below, your vets Bend, OR tells you about three benefits of proper nutrition. 

It Prevents Disease

When your pet receives good nutrition, he’s getting essential vitamins and minerals. Vitamins prevent cell damage, and minerals keep the cells functioning. So, your pet is much less likely to experience diseases like parvovirus, leukemia, distemper, and more thanks to a proper diet. 

It Helps the Skin and Fur

Fatty acids play a role in your pet’s overall health but especially in the realm of skin and fur health. Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids are especially helpful, and they contain anti-inflammatory properties that will help your pet to be less itchy.

It Aids With Digestion

The right amount of carbohydrates gives your pet fiber, which helps aid in digestion and waste elimination. In this way, your pet is able to absorb and use the proper nutrients that they receive from their diet. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be worth the trouble! 

Have questions about your pet’s nutrition and diet? Contact your animal hospital Bend, OR for your animal companion’s healthcare needs.

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