Dogs can’t eat chocolate– but they want to. Why? It turns out that dogs may be able to taste the sweetness. Be sure to check with your Greenville, SC vet about what foods your dog should and shouldn’t eat.

Cats’ taste buds can’t detect sweetness, but dogs’ taste buds can. Dogs have about 1700 taste buds, compared to cats’ 470 and humans’ 9000, so dogs still can’t taste as many flavors as we can. Your Greenville, SC vet can help you choose food your dog will love.

In particular, dogs aren’t as sensitive to salty tastes as we are, because they usually eat enough salt naturally. They don’t need to seek it out. If you think your dog’s sodium intake is too high or too low, talk to your Greenville, SC vet.

Unlike cats, who only eat meat, dogs are omnivores, meaning they eat meat and plants. This may be the reason they can taste more flavors than cats. However, the majority of a dog’s diet should be meat, so their taste buds are more sensitive to the taste of meat. Your animal hospital Greenville, SC can help make sure your dog’s diet is properly balanced.

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