Have you ever taken your dog swimming? Whether you’re going for a dip in the ocean or your own backyard pool, it’s important to keep a few safety tips in mind! Learn more here from an Oshawa, ON veterinarian.


First things first—you should know your dog’s swimming ability before entering the water. Not all dogs can swim! Most athletic retriever breeds are good swimmers, but smaller, stubbier dogs like pugs and Boston terriers might have trouble. Don’t force your dog to go swimming if they’re not comfortable in the water.

Provide Support

Even if your dog is a strong swimmer, go into the water with them to provide support. This is especially important when swimming in the ocean, where it’s all too easy for a dog to swim too far out and become exhausted. You’ll always want to be close by in order to provide a helping hand.

Rinse the Coat

Once you’re done swimming with Fido, be sure to rinse out their coat with fresh water. Leaving chlorine or salt in the coat will dry out and irritate the skin.

For more swimming safety tips for your canine companion, give your veterinarians Oshawa, ON office a call.

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