For those wanting to buy a horse for the first time, there are many uncertainties that are involved. Remember to always check with your Olathe vet clinic for advice on the things to look for when looking to purchase one of your own. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Buying at Auction

This can be a way to get a horse fairly cheaply, but there is also an inherent risk. Make sure that there is a recent health screening for any horse. Ask your Olathe vet clinic for the right sort of paperwork to look for.

  1. Avoiding the Vet

Avoiding the vet will cost you more in the end. Undetected problems get more and more expensive as the animal ages. Consider possible health insurance plans for your horse and check with your Olathe vet clinic.

  1. Evaluate the Horse

Have a qualified individual evaluate the connection and potential that your horse has. Make sure it’s someone you can trust for the best information.

If you have any concerns about acquiring a horse of your own, make sure and check with your Olathe vet.


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