Are you going to be adopting a puppy into your family in the near future? Vaccinations will be a key part of your puppy’s good health moving forward. Here, your Tampa, FL veterinarian goes over the basics of vaccinations for puppies.

Core Vaccines

All puppies will need their core vaccines. These vaccinations are so named because they’re considered necessary for every puppy thanks to the dangerous and/or contagious nature of the diseases they protect against. Some examples include the vaccinations against parvovirus, distemper, and rabies.

Non-Core Vaccines

The non-core vaccines, as you may have guessed, aren’t considered necessary for every puppy. They might help your new canine companion, though, based on certain factors like risk of exposure, pre-existing conditions, and others. The Lyme disease vaccination is just one example; ask your veterinarian what other non-core vaccinations your pup might require.

Vaccination Scheduling

Your puppy can begin receiving vaccines as early as eight weeks of age. From there, your puppy will need booster shots every year or every few years to keep vaccinations effective. To make a schedule for your puppy’s vaccines, call your vet’s office today.

Have further questions about your puppy’s vaccinations? Contact your animal hospital Tampa, FL today.

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