Vaccination is essential for helping your dog life a long, happy life. If you’re new to dog ownership, read on as your Indianapolis, IN vet gives you a crash course in dog vaccine basics.

Core Vaccines

Just about all dogs will require the core vaccines, so named because they protect against common, dangerous, and/or contagious diseases like parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, rabies, and others. These vaccines are given early on in life, and are often administered together in a batch.

Non-Core Vaccines

As the name implies, non-core vaccines aren’t essential for every dog. Depending on factors like exposure risk, environment, breed, and others, though, a non-core vaccine may benefit your canine companion. Some examples include the vaccines against Lyme disease and the Bordetella virus, which causes kennel cough.

Vaccination Scheduling

Most vaccines can be given to your dog when he is only six to eight weeks of age. The initial vaccine regimen will conclude around 16 weeks of age, and your dog will need booster shots every year or in multi-year intervals as he continues to age. Talk to your veterinarian for further specifics on the scheduling of your pet’s vaccines.

For more information, call your veterinarian Indianapolis, IN.

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