Any veterinarian will tell you: having your pet vaccinated is one of the best things you’ll ever do for their health. Here, your Southside, IN vet answers some of your basic questions regarding vaccinations.

How Do Vaccines Work?

Vaccines work by introducing a small, virtually harmless strain of a dangerous and/or contagious disease to your pet’s system. In doing so, your pet’s immune system develops antibodies to fight off the disease. This way, should the real thing come along, your pet’s body is prepared to lessen the severity of the disease or fight it off entirely.

Why Get My Pet Vaccinated?

Preventative medicine in the form of vaccines is far more effective than treating an illness or disease after the fact. You’ll be glad you saved yourself the worry, time, and hassle of treating a dangerous illness! Plus, the cost of vaccinations is far less than the cost of treating a disease with medication and multiple veterinary visits later.

How Do I Get My Pet Started?

Does your pet need core (essential for all pets) or non-core (beneficial for some animals based on various factors) vaccinations? Set up an appointment at your Southside, IN animal hospital today to get started.

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