Dogs use barking as a way to communicate how they’re feeling. Knowing the meaning behind your dog’s vocal expression can help strengthen your bond. Below, an experienced vet Geist, IN shares some insight to help you understand just what your four-legged friend is trying to tell you.

Request – Does your furry friend need to be let out to use the bathroom? Is he or she excited to see you or anxious to go out for a walk? Perhaps it’s time to eat.

Watchdog – Sometimes your dog’s barking is meant to alert you that someone is on or near your property. Watchdog barks are your pup’s way of protecting his or her beloved owner.

Fear/Warning – When a canine feels threatened or nervous, barking may be a way he or she lets people and other animals know. This type of vocalization may also be accompanied by other body language and signs, such as raised fur and a tucked tail.

Boredom – Sometimes dogs simply bark because they’ve got nothing better to do.

If you’re still stumped, or barking is becoming a nuisance, your vet Geist, IN may be able to offer some specific advice and/or training options to help alleviate the problem behavior.

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