Did you know that one of the primary ways that cats communicate is with their tail? Try paying attention to your feline friend’s tail and see if you recognize any of these positions. Your Leesburg, VA veterinarian elaborates below:

The Flagpole

Cats often hold their tails in a straight, rigid position, which some experts refer to as the “flagpole” position. This generally means that your cat is feeling confident and poised. He or she will be open to a petting session when the tail is held in this position, so oblige your pet!

The Question Mark

Have you ever noticed your cat’s tail curving over, almost like a question mark? This means that your cat is amused or in a playful mood. Toss her a toy for her troubles.

The Wrap

Sometimes, cats wrap their tails around an owner’s leg, or even around another pet. This is much like wrapping an arm around a loved one; it’s your cat’s way of demonstrating affection!

Keep in mind that these tail positions are generalizations. Your cat is an individual, and may communicate in her own unique way! Talk to your vets Leesburg, VA professional for more information on your cat’s tail positions.

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