Have you ever heard of pica? The word refers to a condition in which your pet craves and ingests non-food items. Those items could include batteries, coins, rocks, dirt, socks, or just about anything else you can think of! Learn more here from a pet clinic in Portland, OR.


A case of pica will be considered either medical or behavioral in nature. Medical pica means that a medical issue—thyroid problems, a nutritional deficiency, etc.—is the root cause. A behavioral case means that something like anxiety is the cause of your dog’s behavior.

Treating Pica

Cases of medical pica will be treated by resolving the underlying issue. A behavioral case of pica is a little trickier—it may require anxiety medication, professional behavior modification, or advanced training to correct. Your vet will help you with all of it!

When Your Pet Eats a Foreign Object

If your pet ingests something they shouldn’t, take them to the vet’s office as quickly as possible, especially if they’re choking. Time is of the essence, and emergency surgery may be required in the most extreme cases.

Learn more about pica and pets by calling your animal hospital Portland, OR today. We’re here for you!

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