Have you ever heard of integrative veterinary medicine? It involves combining conventional “Western” treatment modalities with complementary “Eastern” medicine techniques, like acupuncture. It’s quite effective for many animal patients! 

What are the benefits of Eastern medicine?

Disease is seen as an imbalance within the body or between the body and the environment, and the goal is to restore it. Eastern medical techniques like herbal therapy, food therapy, acupuncture, and more all aim to restore balance to your pet’s natural healing system. Most Eastern techniques are non-invasive, which is great for many pets. 

What are the benefits of Western Medicine?

Traditional diagnostics and medical treatments are good at pinpointing a disease and eradicating it. Surgery and advanced pharmaceutical administration is necessary in some cases. And combining this kind of medical approach with balanced-based approaches from the Eastern side of things works well for many pets in need of care. 

How can I learn more? 

Contact your vet to learn more about integrative veterinary medicine and to better understand both Western and Eastern treatments. Then you’ll be able to decide, along with the help of your vet, whether or not such an approach is right for your beloved pet! Call us today.

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