Whether you’re going on a vacation or moving across the country, there are instances where you may have to travel by air with your dog. Here are a few tips from a veterinarian Aurora, CO to help things go as smoothly as possible.

Health Check

First, have your dog examined at the vet’s office to get them cleared for air travel. Not all dogs should travel in a plane—those with weakened immune systems, older dogs, or those managing a health condition generally aren’t considered good candidates for flight.

Airline Policies

Always check airline policies before booking a flight; pick an airline with top-notch pet travel procedures. Not all airlines allow pets at all, and those that do might have restrictions based on size, breed, and other factors. Make sure you know whether your dog will be able to come with you in the cabin or if they’ll have to be put under the plane in a specialized cargo area.

Your Destination

Check your destination to make sure it’s pet-friendly. You don’t want to show up with your dog only to find out he or she isn’t welcome!

Call your vet clinic Aurora, CO for your dog’s next veterinary exam.

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