There are several varieties of common flowers out there that aren’t safe for our animal companions. If your pet is the type to nibble on whatever he happens across, you must be vigilant! Here, your Frisco, TX vet tells you about three toxic flowers for pets.


Many varieties of the lily flower—the Easter lily, day lilies, the Stargazer lily, Tiger lilies, and more—are toxic to our feline friends, and they may harm dogs as well. Since lilies are quite common in bouquets and floral arrangements, make sure to check these items and remove lilies if you own a pet.


The tulip flower’s bulb is the most toxic area, but other parts of the plant like the stem and leaves can also cause harm if a pet ingests it. Check your landscaping for tulips, and remove them if necessary. Tulips are also common in bouquets, so keep that in mind if you’ve recently received a floral gift.


Did you know that chrysanthemums can prove toxic to pets? Do a sweep of your garden or flowerbeds to remove any offenders.

These aren’t the only dangerous flowers for our pets—ask your pet clinic Frisco, TX for more information.

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