It’s important that your dog gets plenty of exercise. Walking your dog is one of the best and most effective ways to accomplish this. Whereas it seems very straightforward (put the dog on the leash and walk) there are some things that you should keep in mind when doing it. For more information, check with your East Greenwich vet.

Short Leashes

If you live in a more urban environment, you’re going to want a shorter leash. This will give you more active control over your dog to assure that he or she doesn’t run into traffic or get into a squabble with another animal. Longer leashes can make your reaction time slower and can end up with injuries. Ask your East Greenwich vet for more information.

Carry Treats

Treats can often diffuse a tense situation. Furthermore, you never know when you want to simply reward your canine companion for just being awesome. Dogs respond well to treats and it’s generally a good idea to keep some on you. Your dog will pay more attention to you when you carry treats. For more, ask your East Greenwich vet.

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