Do you take your animal friend to the beach? Many of our pets enjoy going to the shore as much as we do! Just make sure Fido or Fluffy stays safe. Use these tips from a Raleigh, NC vet to do just that:

Follow Beach Rules

First, check to make sure that your particular beach allows pets. Not all beaches do, and even those that do permit animals may have certain restrictions. Also be sure to bring along several plastic baggies to clean up after your pet—it’s both rude and unsanitary to leave your pet’s droppings where they lay!

Protect Against Heat and Sun

Use a beach umbrella to provide protection against the blistering sun, and give your pet a dish of cool, fresh water to prevent dehydration and keep them cool. If you see your pet panting or becoming overheated, take them back indoors.

Rinse Out the Coat

When beach day is over, be sure to rinse out your pet’s coat with fresh water from the garden hose or the tub. Leaving salt from the ocean or sand in the coat will dry out the skin.

Ask your Animal Hospital Raleigh, NC for more beach safety tips for pets.

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