With warm weather, your pets will be going outside more often, and they may bring ticks inside with them. Ask your East Greenwich vet what anti-tick medicine is best for your pet.


To prevent ticks from biting your pet, the best solution may be medicine. Oral medications and medications applied to the skin are available over-the-counter. However, make sure to check with your East Greenwich vet before selecting a medication.


For extra anti-tick protection, consider buying a tick collar for your pet. Although these mostly protect the head and neck, they can be a helpful supplement to medicine. Your East Greenwich vet can guide you in selecting a collar.

Dealing with Live Ticks

If your pet brings a live tick inside, there are several ways to remove it. While tweezers may be effective, there are other tools you can use. When removing it, wear gloves, and remember to pull the tick straight upwards, rather than twisting it. Keep the tick in a sealed jar in case your pet develops an infection. If the tick-bite area becomes infected, take the tick (and your pet!) to your East Greenwich vet to be tested.

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