Most dog owners agree—giving your pooch a pill isn’t the easiest thing to do. There are several tricks you can use to make things easier, though! Your Orangevale, CA vet fills you in below:

Hiding the Pill

It’s probably easiest to hide your dog’s pill inside a glob of wet dog food or inside of a roll of deli meat. Most of our canine companions will happily gobble up the tasty morsel without ever realizing there was medicine inside. Always check with your vet, though, to make sure the medication is safe to be taken with food.

Crushing or Grinding

Sometimes, it’s possible to crush or grind a pill and sprinkle it over your dog’s normal food. Check with your vet first, however; it’s possible that this will render medication ineffective or—even worse—introduce a dangerous overdose to your pet’s bodily systems.

The Toss Trick

Does your dog enjoy catching treats in mid-air? This can be useful for administering pills. Toss a treat or two to your dog, then gently toss the pill. Immediately after, toss another treat. With luck, your dog won’t notice the difference!

Ask your Vet Orangevale, CA professional for more advice on administering medications.

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