While your home is certainly the safest place for your pet, that doesn’t mean it’s without its hazards! Learn about three particularly dangerous zones from your North Phoenix, AZ veterinarian.

The Kitchen

Kitchens contain a lot of sharp objects that your pet could cut themselves on, including knives, graters, can lids, and more. There are also a lot of hot surfaces: toasters, coffee pots, ovens, the stovetop, boiling pots of water… the list goes on and on. Don’t forget that many human foods—grapes, raisins, chocolate, candy, gum, onions, garlic, chives, avocado, and many more—are highly toxic to pets.

The Medicine Cabinet

Human medications like antidepressants, prescription drugs, cough syrup, and even aspirin can poison pets who ingest too much. Keep your medicine cabinet closed at all times so your pet can’t get inside and explore.

The Supply Closet

Bleach, carpet shampoo, solvents, paint thinners, even household disinfectants and glass cleaner—you don’t want your pet ingesting anything of this nature. Never allow them to forage in your supply closet, and keep pets elsewhere when using chemicals that give off strong fumes.

Want more tips on keeping your pet safe at home? Contact your Pet Clinic North Phoenix, AZ professional.

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