Microchips are a popular form of pet identification, and for good reason. There’s nothing wrong with ID tags on a pet’s collar, but microchips offer several advantages. Learn more below from a Sugar Land, TX veterinarian.

It’s Secure

Microchips are secure and will remain on your pet even if they escape unexpectedly. Pets can’t remove the microchip, either accidentally or on purpose, because it’s implanted under the skin. That gives you plenty of peace of mind!

It’s Easy and Painless

Having your pet outfitted with a microchip is easy, quick, and painless. The microchip implant is injected under your pet’s skin with a specialized hypodermic needle-like device, and it only takes a moment or two. All your pet feels is a quick pinch before it’s all over—it’s just like a regular vaccination.

It’s Cost-Effective

Microchips aren’t expensive, and they’re very cost-effective. That’s because you only have to purchase one for the entirety of your pet’s life. Even if you were to get a new address or telephone number, you just have to update your pet’s contact information in the chip manufacturer’s database. Your pet keeps their chip the whole time!

Learn more by calling your vet Sugar Land, TX.

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