Scratching posts are a must for just about every cat, and your feline friend is sure to enjoy her scratching surface. Have you ever wondered why these items are so important? Read on as your Rochester, NY vet tells you about three benefits of scratching posts.

They Keep Your Cat Entertained

Scratching posts are great for keeping your cat entertained, even when you’re not home. Your cat needs regular exercise and mental stimulation, and scratching posts can provide both! Often, scratching posts are built in to cat towers and jungle gym structures, making things convenient for you and your feline friend.

They Save Your Furniture

When your cat scratches her post, it means she’s not scratching your furniture or floors. What a great way to keep your home in pristine condition while providing your cat the scratching surfaces she needs!

They Dull the Nails

Regular scratching helps to dull your cat’s nails a bit, making them a little less harsh, and keeps the nails properly filed so that they don’t get too long.

Does your cat need a veterinary examination, vaccinations, or pest-control medicines? We’re here to help with all of your cat’s care needs! Call your veterinarians Rochester, NY.

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