All dogs need playtime—it’s an essential part of their routine for a happy, healthy life! Playing is about more than good plain fun, though. Learn more here from a London, ON veterinary professional.

Physical Benefits

Of course, playing offers your dog the benefit of physical activity. Regular exercise is absolutely key to your dog’s good health. When combined with a high-quality diet, exercise is the best way to keep your dog at a healthy weight, keep all body systems in tip-top shape, and add years to Fido’s life.

Mental Benefits

A dog who doesn’t play, and instead remains sedentary all day, will start to become bored. They’re likely to start acting out in undesirable ways, perhaps exhibiting behaviours like aggression, loud vocalizations, digging, chewing, scratching, attempting escape, house soiling, and more. Save yourself the trouble—play with your dog on a daily basis!

Bonding Time

Don’t forget that playtime offers another benefit: invaluable bonding time between pet and owner. The connection you and your dog have should be nurtured and strengthened with time spent together; playtime is a great way to do that!

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