Spaying and neutering has health benefits for your pet in addition to helping control the overall homeless pet population. Learn about just a few of these benefits below from your vet in Aurora, CO.

Eliminate or Lessen Cancer Risk

The risk of genital cancers in male and female pets is virtually eliminated in pets that have been spayed or neutered. The likelihood of other cancer types, such as prostate or breast cancer, is also greatly reduced.

Lower Likelihood of UTIs

The chances of a pet experiencing urinary tract infections and other urinary- or reproductive-system issues are far lower in pets that have had the spaying or neutering procedure performed. These issues will be worrisome to treat later, so avoid them initially; have your pet spayed or neutered early on in life.

Behavior Improvement

One great benefit of spaying or neutering your pet is the improvement you’ll see in their behavior. Intact pets are far more likely to exhibit bad behaviors like aggression, house soiling, urine spraying, chewing, scratching, escape attempts, and more.

Does your pet need the spay or neuter surgery performed? Do you have further questions about the procedure? Make an appointment today at your pet clinic Aurora, CO.

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