Cats are cute, cuddly, and the most fun to be around. Dogs will love anyone, but a cat commands respect. It’s no wonder the ancient Egyptians thought of them as gods! For more information on cat care, check with your Indianapolis vet. Here are some things we love about our cats:

  1. The Cutest. Ever.

Cats always have a way of looking adorable. Whether they’re fluffy or hairless, their eyes and swift movements will make you fall in love over and over again. For more about cats, check with your Indianapolis vet.

  1. Nimble

Cats truly must have nine lives! They can do amazing feats of acrobatics for us to watch and enjoy. To keep your cats healthy, check with your Indianapolis vet.

  1. Easy to Please

They can live in almost any space and most anything can keep their attention. Whether it’s a string or an empty box. They are truly simple to satisfy…for the most part! For dietary considerations, check with your Indianapolis vet.


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