Vaccination is essential for your pet’s lasting health. How much do you know about vaccines? Learn about the basics below from your vet in Livonia, MI.

How Do Vaccines Work, Exactly?

Vaccines work by introducing what is called an antigen to your pet’s immune system. Your pet’s system recognizes the antigen as a disease, and responds by developing the appropriate antibodies. In this fashion, your pet is prepared to recognize, fight off, or at least lessen the severity of the disease should the real thing ever come along.

What Vaccines Does My Pet Need?

Your pet may have already received the core vaccines, which are usually administered in a batch when your pet is young. The core vaccines are considered essential for all pets and include the distemper, rabies, calicivirus, hepatitis, and parvovirus vaccines.

Some pets benefit from non-core vaccines based on exposure risk or other factors. The Bordetella vaccine is an example of this; a pet who is commonly boarded might receive this vaccine to prevent against the Bordetella virus (kennel cough).

How Do I Get Started?

If your pet needs vaccinated, or if you have further questions, set up an appointment today at your Livonia, MI vet’s office.

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