Allergies are, unfortunately, something that many of our canine friends have to deal with. And there are all sorts, from food allergies to topical allergies caused by environmental factors. But how do you know if your dog has allergies? Here, your animal hospital Frisco, TX tells you about some common signs. 

Constant Scratching

Itchiness is one of the leading signs of allergies in dogs. So if you see your dog constantly scratching—especially at the feet, ears, belly or chest, eyes, or groin area—allergies might be to blame. Over time, areas that are intensely scratched might become pigmented, odorous, or scabbed. 

Chronic Ear Infections

Many dogs with allergies suffer from chronic ear infections as a result. If this kind of problem goes undiagnosed for years on end, dogs can develop ears that are smelly, raw, or even thickened. 

Hot Spots

Hot spots are red, inflamed areas around the body, caused when your dog scratches, licks, and chews intently at the area. Hot spots can be secondary to allergies, so if your pup deals with these a lot, ask your vet if allergies could be the cause.

Make an appointment at your veterinary clinic Frisco, TX if you suspect your dog has allergies. 

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