When it comes to taking care of reptiles, knowing how and when to clean its environment is fairly straight forward. Remember that it’s important to keep them clean not only for the sake of their health but your family’s as well. If you ever have questions, you can always ask your Vancouver pet clinic.


Make sure that you have the necessary equipment. This includes a backup cage to keep your pet in while you clean the cage. Also, you will need all of the typical cleaning supplies to include disinfectant, a sand sifter for removing feces, and sponges. Check with your Vancouver pet clinic for more items.


Every day, you will want to do a superficial cleaning of the feces and leftover food. Every week, it is important to disinfect the rest of the cage and all of the items that the reptile uses, such as its food bowl.

For the best tips and tricks for cleaning your reptile’s cage, check with your veterinarian Vancouver clinic.


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