Your dog’s paws are just like our hands—they allow your pooch to do just about everything! How do you go about taking care of these essential body parts? Learn more below from a San Jose, CA vet.

Paw Inspections

Every week or so, sit down with your dog in a quiet, well-lit area. Take some time to inspect each paw thoroughly. Do you notice anything amiss, like scratches, open wounds, or objects stuck between the toes or embedded into the paw pads? Let your veterinarian know promptly.

Nail Trims

Regular nail trims are a key part of good paw care. Use a canine-specific clipper, and never try to use human nail clippers or clippers made for another type of animal. If you’re uncomfortable giving your dog nail trims, set up an appointment at your local animal hospital to have the professionals take care of it.

Hot-Weather Hazard

Asphalt surfaces can heat up quickly when the sun beats down on them all day. Avoid walking your dog on driveways and parking lots so that the paw pads don’t get burnt.

Would you like more advice on keeping your dog’s paws in good shape? Call your veterinarians San Jose, CA.

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