Antibiotics are commonly prescribed to human patients, but did you know that they’re highly useful for our pets as well? Antibiotics are essential for treating infections in our animal friends. Here, your veterinarians Plano, TX goes over the basics of antibiotics for pets.

Why Would My Pet Be Prescribed Antibiotics?

Antibiotics kill bacteria in or on your pet’s body. They do not treat viral infections, and would only be given to a pet with a virus if that pet has developed secondary bacterial infections. Antibiotics work by weakening bacteria, stopping bacteria from multiplying, or interfering with bacteria cells’ ability to repair themselves.

How Are Antibiotics Administered?

Antibiotics may be given in pill form to treat internal infections, while most external infections on the skin are treated with topical antibiotics (usually in a cream or ointment form). Some antibiotics need to be given with food to improve the absorption rate, while others must be given on an empty stomach.

Is There a Possibility of Side Effects?

Some pets could have adverse reactions to antibiotics, like vomiting or diarrhea. Talk to your vet if your pet isn’t responding well!

Learn more about antibiotics for pets by calling your animal hospital Plano, TX.