If your dog is like a lot of his canine compatriots, he’s not too fond of the vet’s office. There’s no wonder why—he knows he’ll be poked and prodded in the presence of strangers! Here are some tips from a veterinarian Lafayette, LA to help keep your pooch calm during his next veterinary visit.

Mock Exams

Perform fake exams at home by propping your dog up on a table, then poking him a bit around his torso and limbs. You can even use a fake stethoscope or other medical gadgets to make the experience realistic! This way, your dog can get used to the sensations he’ll feel during his real appointment.

Car Rides

Many dogs are anxious before they get to the vet’s office; it may be because they’re afraid of the car! Take your pooch for car rides frequently—start slowly at first, then build up in length. Offer your dog treats as you go to make things easier.

A Sense of Home

Bring your dog’s favorite toys and several dogs treats with you to your appointment. This can help your dog maintain a sense of the comfort of home.

For more tips, call your vet Lafayette, LA.