We know that antioxidants are helpful for people in a variety of ways. Do antioxidants help pets in a similar fashion? Yes, inhibitors are an important part of your pet’s healthcare! Learn more below from an Aurora, CO veterinarian.

Boost for the Immune System

Antioxidants counter the effects of free radicals in your pet’s body. Free radicals contain oxygen, so inhibitor help to combat them and therefore boost the immune system. That’s why antioxidants are helpful when your pet is sick, isn’t receiving the proper nutrients, or is exposed to a toxic agent.

Helping to “Slow” Aging

While nothing can actually slow down the aging process, inhibitors keep your older pet’s brain functioning at a higher level. That’s why antioxidants are often found in senior pet-food formulas!

Keeping Food Fresh

Oxygen is one of the enemies of fresh food; too much exposure and food will experience oxidation and become spoiled over time. Inhibitors slow down this process, thereby keeping food fresher for longer. In modern pet food brands, you’ll discover that antioxidants are included.

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