It’s not uncommon for indoor cats to become obese and unhealthy, often thanks to a sedentary lifestyle. If your indoor feline needs to get some more exercise, try these tips from a vet in Oshawa, ON:


Toys are a simple and fun way to get your cat moving. Even a simple string dangled in front of Fluffy’s face should do the trick—most cats love darting after this sort of thing. Be sure to rotate your cat’s toy selection in and out so that she doesn’t get bored, and try using catnip to entice your pet into playing.

Laser Light

Many cats love going after that pesky red light that they just can’t seem to catch. Pick one of these items up at your local pet supply store or retail outlet and watch your cat zoom around in pursuit.

Cat Tower

Cat towers are a great tool for exercising your cat, even when you’re not home. These structures provide multiple levels for your cat to jump around on, and many even come with toys and scratching posts built-in.

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