Antioxidants are found in many human foods and help us to stay healthy in multiple ways. The same is true for cats and dogs! Below, your veterinarian Murrieta, CA tells you more about the benefits of antioxidants for pets.

They Keep Food Fresh

If your pet’s food is exposed to too much oxygen, it can spoil in a process known as oxidation. Antioxidants, as their name suggests, slow this process down and therefore keep food fresh. You’ll find antioxidants are included in nearly every major pet food brand.

They Boost the Immune System

Free radicals cause damage to your pet’s cells, potentially leading to disease and other health problems. Free radicals contain oxygen, so antioxidants help to combat them—this boosts the immune system to keep your pet healthy.

They Help to Slow Aging

Nothing can truly slow down the natural aging process, but antioxidants are about as close as your pet can get. Antioxidants keep older pets’ brains functioning at high levels for longer! That’s why you’ll typically find antioxidants included in senior pet-food formulas.

Do you have questions about your pet’s nutrition? Want to know more about antioxidants for your animal friend? Contact your veterinary clinic Murrieta, CA.