Dog dental health is very important. Veterinarians see dental problems in quite a lot of dogs, and they can lead to other concerns very quickly. Keeping up with Fido’s dental care at home is your best bet! Use these tips from a vet clinic Cincinnati, OH to brush your dog’s teeth.

Get Your Supplies

Purchase a pet-specific toothpaste and a pet toothbrush at your local supply store. Never use toothpaste made for humans, as it could contain harmful products for animals. Have a few tasty treats on hand as well before you sit down with your dog to begin.

Start Brushing

Allow your dog to get used to the smell and taste of the toothpaste at first, perhaps rubbing your fingers gently on Fido’s gums to acclimate him to the brushing sensation. Now, select an area of the mouth to start with, and begin brushing.

Repeat and Reward

As your dog gets comfortable, move around to the other sections of the mouth. Reward your pup with a treat after each brushing segment so he gets the idea that remaining calm for brushing warrants a reward!

For help with your dog’s dental care routine, contact your veterinary clinic Cincinnati, OH today.