When the temperature dips, your pet’s safety is paramount. With a few exceptions, most of our animal companions aren’t well-equipped for cold weather! Use these tips from a Carmel, IN veterinarian to make sure your pet stays safe and happy throughout the winter months.

Indoor Time

Rule number one: don’t allow your pet to linger outdoors for too long. It’s only inviting dangerous hypothermia and frostbite! Keep outdoor bathroom breaks or play sessions to a maximum of 10 minutes or so before bringing your pet back inside, where they’ll be safe and warm.

Antifreeze Hazard

One of the wintertime’s most prominent poisoning dangers comes from antifreeze. It helps to keep your car’s engine running when it gets extremely cold, but it’s a known pet toxin. Even small amounts can lead to serious health problems! Never use antifreeze around your pet, and store the chemical safely where your animal friend can’t reach.

Paw Care Tips

Don’t let your pet linger on cold metal surfaces, and give each paw a wipe-down when your pet gets back indoors. You don’t want them tracking in road salt or antifreeze and licking it off later!

Call your veterinarians Carmel, IN office for more cold-weather care tips.