We all want our canine companions to look their best. That means maintaining their coat quality through proper care techniques! Here, your Sugar Land, TX veterinarian tells you how to keep your dog’s coat looking pristine.

Great Diet

What your dog eats has a lot to do with how he looks! When your pooch receives the right balance of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and other key nutrients through his food, the skin and fur remain healthy. Ask your vet to recommend a high-quality food that is appropriate for your dog.

Regular Grooming

Brush your dog regularly; this helps remove loose and dead fur, and it spreads natural skin oils through the hair to keep it properly moisturized. The occasional bath is a great way to keep your dog’s coat clean—make sure to use a canine-formulated shampoo to be safe.

Pest Preventatives

A flea infestation can turn your dog’s quality coat into a mangy mess. Have your canine companion wear preventative medicines to ward off such pests; it’s a great way to keep your dog healthy and good-looking!

Would you like more tips on grooming your four-legged friend? We’re here for you. Call your veterinary clinic Sugar Land, TX today!