There are certain cases when it’s necessary to travel with your pet by air. Perhaps you’re moving cross-country, or your pet is a service animal. Make sure to take a few important considerations into account—learn more below from your vet in Savannah, GA.

Check Airline Policies

Always check the policies of the airline you’re going to book your flight with. Some airlines don’t allow pets at all, and those that do will have specific guidelines. Sometimes, pets can ride in the cabin alongside you; other times, pets must be “stowed” in a separate compartment under the plane. Size or breed restrictions could also apply.

Get Your Pet Ready

Check with your veterinarian to make sure your pet is healthy enough to travel by air. Your vet will be able to update your pet’s pest preventatives and vaccinations if necessary and give your pet a thorough check-up before takeoff.

Check the Destination

Last but not least, remember to check your destination before leaving home to make sure it’s completely pet-friendly. You don’t want to arrive at a hotel or a relative’s house to find out that your pet isn’t welcome.

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