Onions can be found in nearly every home in some form or another. Did you know that they can prove toxic to dogs? Onions may harm cats as well, but dogs are the most commonly affected pets! Learn more here from a vet in Lafayette, LA.


Onions—plus related foods in the allium family like shallots, garlic, scallions, leeks, and chives—contain sulfuric chemicals that are the root cause of the toxicity. Symptoms may include drooling, lethargy, discolored urine, vomiting, and diarrhea. The sulfur chemicals attack your dog’s red blood cells, leading to life-threatening anemia if not treated quickly.


Your dog may be given activated charcoal to slow the toxin’s absorption in Fido’s stomach, or the stomach may be flushed. As a dog recovers, supportive measures like oxygen supplementation and fluid replacement may be needed.

Prevention Tips

Clearly, it’s worth preventing onion poisoning before it happens. This is as easy as restricting your dog’s access to onions and similar foods at all times—store them inside cabinets, the refrigerator, or sealed containers where your canine companion can’t reach.

Your veterinarians Lafayette, LA is here to answer any further questions about onions or other toxic foods—call today!