Trying to find an escaped cat can be heartbreaking. If you act quickly and correctly, though, you’ll maximize the chances of having your feline friend returned to you! Learn what to do below from a veterinarian Colorado Springs, CO.

Early Morning Attempt

It’s likely that your cat is hanging around your house if they’ve made it outdoors. Try going out around two or three in the morning, when your cat is likely to be more relaxed. Take a bag of treats and call your cat’s name gently. With luck, they’ll come out of hiding for a tasty snack!

Hit the Pavement

Print out flyers about your lost cat, complete with a recent picture and your contact information. Post them around the neighborhood, at your local animal shelters and vet’s offices, and in local businesses.

Precautionary Measures

Avoid a lost cat in the first place—be conscientious when opening doors, and make sure your cat is properly identified with a microchip, ID tags on the collar, or both. This maximizes the chance that your pet is returned to you in the event of an escape.

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