It’s important to keep an eye on your cat’s dental health, as this is one area of your pet’s well-being that is easily overlooked. Use these quick tips from a veterinarian Ashburn, VA to make sure your cat’s pearly whites stay in top-notch condition:

Great Diet and Fresh Water

First things first—feed your cat a high-quality diet to provide her teeth and gums with all of the proper nutrients she needs. Secondly, make sure your cat has a dish of water to drink from at all times; this helps rinse out the mouth and keep teeth and gums clean.

Dental Chews

There are a wide variety of dental chews and treats on the market for cats. These items are great for scraping away much of the plaque that builds up on your cat’s tooth surfaces, removing it before it can harden into tartar. Ask your vet for a recommendation.

Veterinary Visits

The best way to ensure your cat’s good dental health is to schedule regular check-ups at the vet’s office. This way, your cat’s oral health can be monitored closely over time!

Ready to have your cat’s mouth examined at the vet’s office? Call your pet clinic Ashburn, VA.