Unfortunately, animal shelters are often misunderstood in today’s society. Consider what you believe to be fact about shelters—not all of it may be true! Here, an Arlington, TX vet sets the record straight on just three prevalent myths.

Shelters and Their Pets Are Dirty

This isn’t true. Shelters must maintain a high standard of sanitation in order to prevent the spread of disease amongst the many animals housed in close quarters. In addition, shelter pets aren’t dirty. Even if they arrive at the facility with some grime, they’re bathed, clipped, given nail trims, given vaccinations, and sometimes even spayed or neutered.

Shelter Pets Are Poorly Behaved

Some people think that pets wouldn’t wind up in a shelter if they behaved well. The truth is, though, that pets don’t come to shelters because of poor behavior. They come because of abandonment, unrestricted breeding, and other issues.

Shelters Only Have Dogs and Cats

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ll only find dogs or cats in shelters. You’re also likely to find pocket pets, reptiles, and even birds!

Talk to your veterinarian Arlington, TX for more information on the pet adoption process and to find out about shelters in your area.