Often, pocket pets like guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, and gerbils are considered good “starter pets” for young children. It’s important, though, to understand the responsibility involved before getting your child a pocket pet! Learn more here from an Orangevale, CA vet.

Care Requirements

Most pocket pets will need their bedding scooped out and changed frequently to keep things fresh. Make sure that your child understands the responsibility required here. Pocket pets will also need fed and watered daily; ask your vet for details on your pocket pet’s dietary needs.

Handling Needs

Keep in mind that many pocket pets are naturally skittish. If your child is looking for something to cuddle constantly, a pocket pet might not fit the bill! Many pocket pets will require regular, gentle handling over a long period of time before they warm up completely to human contact.


Make sure that your child understands the average lifespan of the pocket pet you’re considering so that they’re not disappointed. (Generally speaking, a pocket pet will live anywhere between three and eight years.)

For more information on pocket pets and their care needs, call your vet Orangevale, CA. We’re here to serve all of your pet-care needs!