Don’t believe everything you hear about animal rescues and the pets inside of them—there are many misconceptions! Here, your Myrtle Beach veterinarian discusses just three of the most common.

Shelter Pets Are Old

Think all shelter pets are old, unwanted animals? Think again. Pets of all ages—puppies and kittens, middle-aged animals, and elderly pets alike—can all be found in shelters. If you’re looking for a specific age of pet, check out your local shelters.

Shelter Pets Aren’t Well-Behaved

Some make the mistake of thinking that pets wouldn’t end up in a shelter at all if they were well-behaved. This assumes, though, that poor behavior is why a pet was relinquished to the shelter in the first place. Issues like abandonment and uncontrolled breeding are more often the reason behind a pet’s shelter stay, so the vast majority of shelter pets are very well-mannered!

Shelters Only Have Mutts

Do you or your family have your hearts set on a particular breed of cat or dog? Visit your local shelters before going to the pet store, because purebred animals can be found in shelters just as easily as mixed-breeds.

Talk to your Myrtle Beach vet for more adoption advice.