Placing your cat’s litter box seems simple enough, right? But it’s important to put it in the right spot, because our feline friends are quite picky about this kind of thing. Here, your veterinarian Jacksonville, FL tells you where to put Fluffy’s bathroom box.

In a Quiet Space

Who wants to be disturbed while using the bathroom? Your cat certainly doesn’t. Put the litter box in a quiet area of the house where she can do her business in peace. If your cat is disturbed while going to the bathroom, she may decide to shun her bathroom box entirely.

Far From Food

Cats don’t typically like to use the bathroom and eat in the same area. Who can blame them? To make sure there aren’t any issues, put your cat’s box in another room, separately from where she eats her meals.

Easy Access

It’s all too easy for an obstacle in your home—a screen door, a sliding glass door, etc.—to block your cat’s path to her bathroom. Make sure that your cat can easily gain access to her litter box, even when you’re not at home.

Call your vet Jacksonville, FL for more great tips on cat care.