Pink eye, known medically as conjunctivitis, affects plenty of humans. Did you know it’s also rather common in dogs? Learn more about pink eye below from a Marietta, GA vet.

What Causes Pink Eye?

Conjunctivitis means inflammation of the conjunctiva, the tissues around Fido’s eyes. It can occur on its own (primary conjunctivitis) or occur as a symptom of another disease (secondary conjunctivitis). Possible causes include bacterial or viral infections, allergies, glaucoma, and foreign bodies in the eye, among many others.

What are the Signs?

As the name suggests, the telltale sign of pink eye is a red, inflamed eye and/or eyelid. Blinking, eye discharge, pawing at the eyes, and increased tear production may accompany the inflammation.

How is Pink Eye Treated?

Treating pink eye will depend on what’s causing it. Your vet will complete a full eye examination to determine the root cause of conjunctivitis. If it’s a bacterial infection, for instance, antibiotics will be administered. For most cases, anti-inflammatory medicines can be given to your dog to lessen the redness and irritation.

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